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Hi there, I'm Grace!

I make paintings, prints and other lovely home accessories in my Southampton (UK) studio.

Art is what I love. I want to spend every day creating colourful, unique and joyful pieces of art and design for you to enjoy. I find the process of making to be incredibly beneficial to my mental health, and I think having a home filled with art is useful in that sense too. It's something beautiful to look at when you're feeling low. It fills me with immense joy sending out happy packages of art to you.

My background is in printed textile design (which I have a degree in). In 2022 I'm planning on expanding my range to include various textile products. Watch this space!

I love learning about where I'm sending my art off to. I've been told of how a painting of mine is something lovely to look at during stressful work from home days. How it's something that refreshes their mind during busy times. Customers of mine have bought my art as gifts for cherished loved ones, or remembrance pieces for thoses they've lost.

Please do contact me if you have any specific requests. I love hearing your ideas and I'd love to make you something extra special.

Thank you for reading about my shop! Follow me on Instagram if you'd like to see behind the scenes and get to know me a bit better - @GraceBedfordDesign.

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